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Hot springs

Countryside Hot Spring


The Capital of the Hakka Hot Springs Resort is just about 3km away from Chuxi Tulou Cluster. The resort is an integrated tourism resort with the theme of "health spa, leisure and vacation". Its SPA theme park has more than 60 outdoor hot spring pools, dozens of featured hot springs, large swimming pool and other spa facilities. It is one of the best hot-spring resorts in the local area.


The hot springs are the miracle of the Earth as they present an amazing display of natural hot water pools to us. For thousands of years, an underground spring located deep in the earth has been pouring out streams of hot mineral-saturated water. After they flow down the mountainside, the steaming water hollows enormous circular basins in the earth, and its rich mineral content coats it in a smooth layer of dazzlingly white calcareous rock. More mystically, the mineral hot spring is very effective in treating heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive maladies and nutrition disorders, neurological and physical exhaustion.



Hot spring water contains diversified trace minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, manganese and iron etc. Frequent soaking can encourage blood circulation and cell regeneration, improve the digestive and cardiovascular system, and relieve symptoms of arthritis and insomnia. You will feel refreshed and energetic after experiencing the power of this natural hot spring.


According to traditional Chinese medical science, hot spring water has been recorded as a magical regimen since ancient times.


It helps to dredge the channels and collaterals all over our bodies, relieve pressure and regulate our emotion.


Moreover, hot spring water is very effective in delaying ageing and beautifying skin as it helps our bodies to speed up metabolism and detoxify the body.


Tianyi Hot-springs Resort is adjacent to Guanzhai Mountain, a national AAAA grade scenic spot and key tourist attraction, enjoying the reputation of “Wuyi Mountain in the North and Guanzhai Mountain in the South, two wonders of Danxia”. It is located in Liancheng County, the convergence of three provinces, Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi, with superior geographical conditions. The resort is 5km from the highway intersection, 7km from airport, 25km from railway station, with convenient traffic. The project covers an area of 5000mu, with a planned investment of over 400million yuan for the first phase. It built a national AAAA grade scenic spot,creating a new hot-spring resort integrating hot-spring vacation, health care, entertainment, catering and accommodation.


Tianzi hot spring resort(天子温泉)


Tianzi Hot Spring Resort” is a 4A tourist attraction with a 5-star hotel and a 4-star hotel, with a total of 280 rooms and the biggest conference hall can seat up to 1000 people. The resort covers an area of 263 acre, it has 90 different style hot spring pond ,which is a fantastic place to ease yourself.