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3-Day Hakka Culture Tour to Fujian Tulou Kingdom


Tour Code: 2016AF
Tour Destinations: Gaobei Cluster, Chuxi Tulou Cluster, Nanxi Tulou Cluster, Peitian Ancient Village
Tour Duration:3 Days / 2 Nights
Departure Date: Daily
Tour Type: Hakka Tulou Tours
Customizable: Yes


In this amazing tour you will explore the majestic world heritage Fujian Tulou – Hakka Residential Earthen House based in Yongding, experience the legendary Hakka culture and immerse the authentic rural life. In Fujian Tulou, you can taste the real Hakka cuisine, drink mellow Hakka rice wine and taste Hakka tea, learn Hakka language with local people and live in the distinctive Hakka Earthen residential house.


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Private Tour :Available(USD $)

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Price Includes: 

- Air-conditioned Transportation and driver.
- English-speaking tour guide.
- Accommodation with Breakfast.
- Entrance Fees.
- Visit Tea Plantation.
- Tea-tasting in Hakka Family.

Price Excludes:

- Airfare or Train Tickets to enter or leave Xiamen.
- Tips to guide and driver.
- Meals,
- Insurance and Personal Charges such as excess baggage charge,
- Expenses for extra staying.

Detailed Itinerary

Tour Code:

Day 1 Xiamen - Tulou

Leave Xiamen for Fujian Tulou in Yongding Area in Longyan City, Fujian Province ( 2.5-3 hour’s drive).
Fujian Tulou mainly inhabited by the Hakka People in the mountainous areas in the southwest Fujian Province of China. The Tulou are earthen houses, providing communal housing and reinforcing the structure of clans.The earliest Fujian tulou can be traced to the Song and Yuan Dynasties (11th - 13th centuries). The Tulou developed from the 14th and 16th centuries (early and middle Ming Dynasty), and got to their climax between the 17th century and the early of the 20th century (the late Ming and Qing Dynasties).

09:00 Leave Xiamen for Fujian Tulou in Yongding Area in Longyan City ( 2.5-3 hours’ drive).
Stop in a Tea Field in Nanjing county, Zhangzhou.

11:00 Have lunch with local Hakka family. After lunch, pay a visit to the tea plantation, you will also have chance to check the processing of making tea at the suitable season.

14:00 Arrive at Gaobei Village, Visit Chengqilou, the largest Tulou in this area.

16:00 Arrive at Chuxi Village, Check in Hakka Family Hotel. Free time for you to hang around the village.

18:00 Have dinner.

 Day 2 Tulou - Tulou

08:00 Get up early and trek along the field path to see the beautiful idyllic views.

08:30 Have breakfast.

09:00 Visit Jiqinglou, one of the oldest tulous built in 1419. Climb the top of nearby mountain and have a bird’s view of Chuxi Village.

14:00 After lunch, Visit Nanxi Tulou Valley. The Princess of tulou - Zhenfulou is recommended to visit.

18:00 Transfer back to Yuqinglou Hostel and have dinner.


Day 3 Tulou - Liancheng - Xiamen

08:30 Head for Liancheng (3 hrs drive)

13:00 After lunch, visit Peitian Ancient Village – the Forbidden City in the south.

15:00 Head back for Xiamen, Arrive at around 18:00.



 Day 1: Hakka Tulou Earthen House

 Day 2: Hakka Tulou Earthen House

Travel Tips
1. Casual wear, comfortable sports shoes & pay attention to the local climate.
2. Bring the Sunscreen and insect repellent.
3. The prices listed above are in US dollars, per person, based on the double occupancy. The prices shown above are not valid during the China's National Day Holiday, Chinese Spring Festival and some large exhibitions like Canton Fair.

Customer reviews


“I had the pleasure to have Anne as a tour leader in the village of Tulou. Her kindness and her knowledge made this journey unforgettable. Anne is very professional and very well organized and made sure everyone understood and had what they needed on this trip. I would recommend Anne to anyone travelling in China. It was a privilege to be in her company.”



- Jean-Philippe van Vlerken – Canada





“I often look at the pictures of our trip and visiting Tulous remains a very pleasant memory. I must say that we have had very good guides. Again thank you for the good times !”


- Laurent Dufat - France





Dear Deng Lan & Gin,

I just want to thank you both for your recommendations & tour arrangement. Both Kirk & I enjoyed ourselves tremendously today. The tea plantation was a great experience. What made it more special was that the owner of the tea plantation actually lived in a Tulou. So it was nice to see the 3 generations living together, and having a real life experience of people living in it & able to see their neighbors doing just ordinary things like cooking, cleaning, etc. The teas were good & the walk in the plantation was excellent. Beautiful views of the countryside & plantation. Was fun too, to be able to interact with the owner & family while having tea. Please thank them for their hospitality for us. When we drink their tea in Seattle, we will definitely remember our time with them fondly. :-)


Lunch place was good. Thank you Gin & the driver for taking hygiene into consideration. :-)


The Chuxi Tulou visit was awesome too, learnt a bit of history & even saw & took a picture of my surname, Gao, 高, on the 2nd level of the tulou where they displayed the origin of surnames. So that made my trip here to find out about my heritage more worthwhile. :-)


So all in all, it was a fantastic trip. Thank you so much again. We will definitely share this experience with our family & friends.


Lastly Gin, hope you will feel better soon. Take care.



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