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FuYu Lou Changdi Inn

Lin Qinsheng, the owner of Fuyu Lou runs a small hote which could accommodate up tofifty people and admits 100 people have dinner at the same time. You will also be provided with aslo be provided with laundry and free intemet service.

TEL: 0597-5532800 / 13859569438

A’gen Restaurant

Lin Rigen, the owner of Zhengcheng Lou , is a famous tour guide for Tulou sceneries. Besides tour guiding, the whole Lin family are running a restaurant called “A’gen restaurant” which also provide accommodation.

TEL: 0597–5531369 /13860281964

Chengqi Lou inn

Jiang Xuehui, the owners of Chengqi Lou runs Jinhui Tulou Service which can supply accommodation( including parking space) and repast.

TEL: 0597-5571368

Zhongtian Hotel

Zhongtian hotel is located in the central square of Yongding, beautiful scenery and elegant environmen. With different grades of comfortable and luxurious business suite, deluxe banquet hall can accommodate 500 people, is your business, meeting, holiday, entertainment, gave the ideal place.

TEL: 0597 - 5820888

Jingteng Hotel

Yongding jinteng Hotel is Xiamen jinteng Group a national four-star tourist hotels.Nearby World Heritage Earthen and Yongding Dragon Lake, the hotel away from the bus station only 3 minutes drive away, only five minutes drive from the train station, transportation is very convenient.

TEL: 0597—5551666

Kedu Spa Resorts

Yongding Hakka (International) Hot Spring Resort is a health spa, leisure, tourist resorts. It is the strongest local reception capacity, the highest grade of Hot Springs Resort, is an ideal choice for your vacation, travel, leisure, infirmary, reception, business, the meeting.

TEL: 0597-5209999

Farm Hotel

It lies in the central location of Fujian Tulou and the opposite of tourist service center of the King of Tulou in Yongding .It has 82 beds,more than 400 square meters large-scale parking lots, more than 300 square meters large restaurant and 60 square meters shopping store.

TEL: 13859539118

Yongding Hakka Tulou Hotel

lt is located in the downtown business district of Yongding county,near to the magnificent world cultural heritage ----Yongding Tulou and the beautiful Yongding Dragon Lake . The hotel is only 600 meters away from the Yongding Railway Station. Yongding bus station is on the right side.

TEL: 13859539118

Tulou prince hotel(土楼王子)

Tulou Prince Hotel” is a 3-star hotel which opened in 2013. It is located in Hukeng township, 10 min’s drive to Hongkeng Tulou Cluster. The hotel is well-equipped, it has 161 rooms, 2 meeting rooms which can seat up to 300 people.

TEL: 0597-5205555

Tianzi hot spring resort(天子温泉)

Tianzi Hot Spring Resort” is a 4A tourist attraction with a 5-star hotel and a 4-star hotel, with a total of 280 rooms and the biggest conference hall can seat up to 1000 people. The resort covers an area of 263 acre, it has 90 different style hot spring pond ,which is a fantastic place to ease yourself.

TEL: 0597-3350888